One Piece 6061 Billet, Functioning Wheels for Show Cars

Intro prototyping has, over the years, provided high quality, functional and aesthetic wheel prototypes for the purpose of engineering verification, design review, automotive show cars, and advertising.We provide a complete range of prototyping services for the automotive clients various and diverse needs. From CNC machining and machining for short-run production, we offer a one stop resource for companies requiring the most accurate prototypes and production parts of the highest quality. With the speed, accuracy and flexibility and the range of materials and show quality finishes.

We've Had the Opportunities to Work with Such Influential Companies As:

American Racing, Foose Design, Centerline, Lexus for Neiman Marcus, Detroit GM Design Studios, Saleen S7, General Motors: Cadillac and Trucks, MHT: Foose, Niche, Elite, etc., I-Forged, America’s Most Beautiful Hot Rod, GoodGuys, Riddler Show Cars, Chrysler & Ford.
TV Shows: Overhaulin’, Fast N’ Loud-Gas Monkey Garage, Rides, Pimp My Ride & Payback.

Intro Wheel Prototyping’s most evident advantage is the tolerance and accuracy exhibited by our dedicated CNC machines. The paths taken by the tool bits do not have to follow a 2D profile like other RP processes. Intro Wheel’s 3-Dimensional surface flow cuts away at a material up and down a sloping profile in any degree specified. Each cutting path can also be programmed to be as close as 0.1mm apart. The implications are profound: our CNC parts can receive the highest quality finish’s.

In addition, CNC-machined prototypes are exellent for creating true-to-life models. They can be powder-coated or chrome-plated. Since the finished wheels are an exact match to final production parts, they can also be used to verify final production and assembly methods.

Our Process

We start with the designer’s computer aided design concept drawings.

Then we solid model and generate a C&C program within the concept specifications and tolerances.

Finally, we deliver a final finished and functioning prototype wheel.


1. Purchased forged billet 60-61 aluminum TO condition.


2. Rough machine operation within .100 for finish.


3. Windows cut for better H/T penetration.


4. Send to Heat Treated to T-6 conditioning.


5. Machine the parts to spec. Through CNC equipment such as lathes and 3 Axis (or 5 axis) milling.


6. Machine the parts to spec.


7. Use specialty tooling and fixtures for machining and inspection.


8. Final machining inspection.


9. Final hand machining inspection.


10. State of the art polishing for different finishes, such as chrome, high luster polishing or powder paints.


11. Final visual inspection.


12. Assemble final product: welding.


9. Final hand machining inspection.


10. State of the art polishing for different finishes, such as chrome, high luster polishing or powder paints.


11. Final visual inspection.

The images shown are of a two-piece billet construction because of lower costs, however most of the wheels are made from one-piece billet and are both functional and reliable.

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