Frequently Asked Questions

All of our wheels come in either a 5 lug or 6 lug bolt pattern depending on the spoke count of the wheel. Any 5 spoke wheel can be built for any 5 lug bolt pattern and any 6 spoke wheel can be built for any 6 lug bolt pattern.

There are a few rare exceptions to that rule, which includes:

Our wheel sizes can vary from series to series, but most of our wheels are between 15 in to 30 in diameter.

Here is a quick breakdown of the few exceptions:

  • Route66 Series Wheels: 17in-30in
  • Western Series Wheels: 17in-30iin
  • Concave Series: 20in-30in

Please note that display images on our website are of our larger sizes. If you order a smaller size wheel the appearance may change a bit due to scaling down the design. 

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