2014 Chevrolet 2500 Express Cargo Van

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I ordered it windowless to give it a panel van look, the chrome on the bumpers and grille center were vinyl wrapped gross black and that pretty much blacked out the entire vehicle, next I removed all the body emblems that cleaned up its look even more.  And a RIDGID driving light bar was installed for night time driving.

The van was a gutted work van so I added Duraliner walls and a factory passenger van headliner along with a folding rear seat that is mounted sideways against the rear drivers wall and a 37’’ LED flat screen was mounted on the opposite wall along with a camper DVD head unit with 5.1 surround sound with a 5.1 speakers setup.

I’m in a wheel chair so it also has a wheelchair lift and a 4 – way driver power seat base installed with a hand control. This van is still bone stock as far as performance mods go but I’m leaning toward a ECM tune to add a little more power to the already torquey 6.6 Duramax turbo diesel .

Then of course to finish it off I installed your custom rims that I had powder coated mirror gloss black…..that pretty much wraps up what’s been done to it and I just enjoy it as my everyday driver.


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